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European Machine Tools

The senior management of WKL Service & Trading Inc. has long-term business relations with WFL Millturn Technologies, GFM GmbH, bavius Technologies and Mikromat GmbH. All of these European machine tool makers enjoy high reputation in the world high precision manufacuring industries due to the competitive advantages they possess. WKL Service and Trading Inc. is ready to introduce the advanced European machining technologies to the local manufacurers on the Island to further improve their production efficiency!.

WFL- Millturn

  • Good for parts with

   high accuracy,   

   complicated contour,

   difficult material and

   multiple-types in

   small batches


  • Rolls Royce, GM, PW,



   Embraer, etc.

GFM-Ultrasonic Cutter

  • High efficiency in

  cutting pre-peg,


  glass-fiber, Kevlar

  and honeycomb

  parts (3-D cutting)


  • Airbus, Boeing

  Winnipeg, etc.

bavius-Gantry & Profiler

bavius – Milling

  • Making of multi-sized structural parts, stringers, ribs, seat tracks, etc.


  • Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and their contractors

Mikromat-High Precision Milling

Mikromat – Milling

  • Parts with high accuracy and difficult materials


  • Various applications in high precesion part making